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Gary W. Campbell was born in Jamaica West Indies. He has traveled throughout the Caribbean, Coastal Caorolina's, Coastal Georgia and the Florida coast painting to the heartbeats of the drums and the history and cultures of a people. He paints scenes and characters that depict the life of the islands in virbrant colors that seem to make the paintings come alive in movement.

His paintings are some of the most sought after around the world! During a recent visit to the Amelia Island Art Exhibition in Florida, Gary was a large part of the media coverage of the event. He was featured on the front page of the Amelia Island Newsleader - Florida's oldest weekly newspaper.

Gary W. Campbell



"Success is not success if there's no one to share it with."

"Save a Mother and you will save a generation."

"The adrenaline in giving back is not in the giving, but in the joy of the receiver."



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